When deciding which vehicle will suit your needs more, whether it is for hire purposes or to buy, It’s important that you understand the key main differences between the two vehicles.

Campervans are the smallest of the two vehicles (although there is a wide variety in each category). They vary in size from a small converted van like the Peugeot partner and go right up to a large transit type van. Here at Easicampers we have the VW California. You may find that these types of vehicles are ideal for 2-4 people, however, they can sometimes be cramped if there are more than 2 people on board the vehicle. Some campervans have fixed height roofs, this would usually only allow for 1 bed inside the vehicle, thus only allowing it to be a 2 berth.
One main point you may also want to remember is that you will need seatbelts for all passengers travelling inside the vehicle. Some vehicles have seats with front facing seatbelts, rear facing seatbelts & some have side travelling seats, it’s worth noting that side on travelling can sometimes be more likely to cause people to experience travel sickness.
The VW’s that we offer at Easicampers have a pop up roof with a double bed & the seating area can also be converted into a double bed. With these vehicles being smaller than the motorhomes, there is usually not enough space for a shower or toilet on board the vehicle, this can sometimes be a less popular vehicle with families that have small children, who may need the added comfort of having the shower or toilet on board for those late night trips to the loo!
They are also much smaller than the motorhomes, which some people would find easier to drive & park in tighter places. The campervans can also be a little easier on the pocket, you may find that things such as road tax & insurance can be less expensive than the larger motorhomes.

Motorhomes can vary widely in size, starting from a large panel van to a 7-8 berth coach built motorhome. At Easicampervans we have the larger 6 berth coach built motorhomes & we also have Fiat Tribute motorhomes that will sleep up to 4. New for 2019 we have Fiat Toleno L which will sleep 2 people and Autotrail T-615 which will sleep up to 4 people.
There are different lay outs of beds inside the motorhomes, most of them will have a double situated somewhere in the vehicle, usually over the drivers cab and maybe the seating area will convert to a double and then maybe 2 singles, possibly bunk beds. The lay out of the beds will also make the vehicle feel much more roomy with much more storage space available on board the vehicle.
The motorhomes are usually a firm favorite with families of all ages, they have the convenience of a full seating area which is great for meal times or just family fun & games. They are also ideal for couples & friends wanting to experience things like festivals & events. They also have a shower & toilet on board, so no inconvenience of having to leave your warm motorhome to make the call of nature in the night!
With the motorhomes you will also have the luxury of a full fridge and small freezer, oven & hob making it much more versatile and giving you much more choice if you do choose to wild camp.
While these are a family favorite, they can be quite a tight squeeze round the narrow streets in small towns, however good planning can avoid these issues quite easily.

The best way to decide which vehicle will be best for you & your party is to always ask as many questions as you can & have your needs listed ready for when you speak to us.
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