If you are hiring a motorhome from us at Easicampervanhire this winter then here a few handy helping tips to make sure you get the most out of your motorhome experience.

Gas Bottles
During the winter months when using your hired motorhome you will use more gas on the heating and the hot water in the vehicle. Also if you aren’t on a camp site with hook up connection the fridge will run of the gas supply. We supply you with a gas bottle that is remaining in the vehicle of its last hire. If you do want to make sure you have a full bottle as well as this one bottle we do hire them out at a cost of £36. We do need notice for this so please book in advance.


Make sure at night your windows are shut completely. Any windows left slightly ajar will let the cold weather in. the main window over the dining table in your motorhome needs to be shut for your heating to work correctly.

Water tank

During the winter season where temperatures drop your motorhome water system will dump its water if the vehicle gets too cold. If you think the temperature will drop quite cold then we advise to empty your water tank to the bare minimum so you don’t lose a lot of water. Always make sure you drain your waste water tank more regular during the cold snap. Always drain your taps if you have emptied your water tank so no water is stuck in your pipes that will likely lead to blockages if the temperature drops.

If you need any more advice on your motorhome hire over winter please call us on 01942 778899. If you have any pics if you have hired one of our motorhomes especially around winter time please feel free to send them on to us.