The North west of England is part of the country that is bound by the Pennine Hills to the East and the coast of the Irish Sea to the West. The magnificent Lake District to the North and the vibrant cities of Manchester and Liverpool to the south. Why not hire one of our motorhomes and go on a tour of this magical part of the country.
Why not pick up your easicampervan motorhome from one of our north west depots. We have 3 main branches in Wigan, Blackburn, and Preston and we also serve the airports at Manchester and Liverpool. Our dedicated staff will give you a detailed demonstration of how the motorhome works before letting you set off into the sunset.
Whilst in your motorhome why not visit Blackpool England’s version of Las Vegas. The main strip “Blackpool Prom” is full of amusement arcades and fair rides and is home to the Pleasure Beach which houses the Big One the tallest roller coaster in the Uk along with many other fast and nerve jangling rides. Whilst in Blackpool why not also visit Blackpool Tower standing at 518ft tall and inspired by the Eiffel tower. Go up in the elevator and walk on the glass floor and you can see for miles around, if this sounds too much there is also a 4d cinema and the famous Blackpool tower ballroom is perfect for all you “Strictly Come Dancing” fanatics.

If Blackpool has cost you a small penny and you want to do a bit of walking tied in with some history. Jump in your motorhome and try the Eastern side of the North West and take a trip towards the Pennines and head for Pendle Hill. Why not park up your motorhome and follow part of the Pendle Way walk. Pendle hill summit is located 1,827ft above sea level and is most famous for the witches that lived here in the 17th century. You can actually walk all the way from Pendle Hill to Lancaster where the witches stood trial before being hung for acts of witchcraft.

After you’ve had a bit of a history lesson why not head up to the most northern city in the region of Carlisle. This is about an hour and half drive in your motorhome and you will pass through the Lake District on your way up just be wary on a windy day around the exposed area of Shap it can be a bit blustery add this to the numerous low flying army jets that do training around the area.

Carlisle is a historic city built around its castle and is at one end of the world famous Hadrian’s Wall which stretches the full width of England and is the border between Scotland and England built by the Romans in 122ad built by Emperor Hadrian. The city is vibrant and is visited by thousands of tourists each year.
After a few peaceful day’s head down in your easicampervan motorhome towards the southern end of the region and visit Manchester.

If food and drink are your desire then your heading to the right city. Manchester is the capital of the north and boasts hundreds of fine dining restaurants whether its Tapas, Thai, Italian or if you want a mixture of cuisines then they also have a couple of Buffet style eateries that cater for all your tastes , all this is located centrally to the major shopping centre and streets lined with the world famous high street brands.

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